Based in Deptford’s vibrant Market Yard, we are a small and mighty team unified by a desire to create positive change. We work with brands who are not only doing great things, but share our unwavering curiosity and passion for the world around us.

Our Philosophy

Our commitment to inclusive and sustainable design is reflected in everything we do; from working with start-ups to sourcing recyclable materials for brand outputs. We aim to create design solutions that are as purposeful and meaningful as they are beautifully and thoughtfully crafted.

Our Team

IYA Studio was founded in 2009 and is led by 2D Creative Director Matt Cottis and 3D Creative Director Fleur Paterson. Today, as a core team of six, fostering good relationships and collaborations is a central tenet of our practice. Not only do we work with great clients, we are lucky to have a brilliant team of freelancers, friends and partners who we call on when needed.



As founders of our own home goods brand, iyouall, we know exactly what it’s like first-hand to build, market, and expand a brand and retail space from the ground-up. Our real-world experience ensures that we see every aspect of a project from both sides.

Our Process

At the heart of this of course, is your story. Our continued collaborations with long-time partners allow us to create timeless, human-centred design. That’s why we strive to build an open and trusting relationship, so we can get to know you; understand your aims; and create something that tells your story with the utmost care and authenticity.

We look forward to working with you.