House of Cans is a bar and off licence concept that teams up artists, illustrators and designers with breweries and other drinks producers to create limited run collaborations.

As founding partners we've developed the brand, interior and digital outputs. The playful identity is used across the 'standards' in-house brews with a pared back look for the collabs.

The concept for the interior is based around the wall of cans. It’s the main feature of the space which creates a unique gallery setting for each collab. 

We used a dark palette that allows the bright colours of the cans to pop, and gives House of Cans its signature look.

The cosy space takes inspiration from the small, intimate bars visited by one of the founders’ trip to Tokyo, and creates a connection between the gallery, customers and staff. 

House of Cans works with independent breweries, brands including It's Nice That, Adidas, Hato Press and New Balance along with talented designers, illustrators and artists to create limited run collaborations. 

For Collab #001 we commissioned illustrator Chris Martin to celebrate the launch of the bar on Lower Stable Street, King's X. His maximalist designs were rolled out across cans, prints, tees and hand drawn window sketches.

Alongside selling limited run collabs and merchandise, our bespoke Shopify build features some heavyweight custom development that enables designers to create their own labels, upload them and see them rendered onto a 3d revolving can - they can then send the HoC team, a request to order house brews with their own artwork.