Hande, a new London-based organic hand sanitiser brand, launches today to support care homes, food banks and local communities. 

Hande has been created and brought to market in just two weeks by ourselves & Country of Origin following the onset of the COVID-19 crisis and the national shortage of hand sanitiser. The UK has seen a particularly significant scarcity of 65% ethanol sanitiser, the minimum level to satisfy WHO guidelines, with retailers remaining critically low on stock both online and in-store.

We developed a concept that was closely linked to hands and their interaction and gesture. The brief was to create a premium brand that had a fun element and could quickly explain what the brand and the products stand for, where it’s being made and the people who will be making it. We settled on this playful celebration to the art of hand sanitisation, each clean deserves a celebratory hand gesture!

Learn more & purchase from hande.co.uk 

The logotype set in Recoleta, is lowercase to keep a sense of understatement and crafted feel. Supporting type has a subtle nod to a more clinical approach and the muted colour tones will differentiate product ranges.The brand will be out put across packaging, web, social and print and iya will continue to support the brand through launch and beyond.

Photography credit Tian Khee Siong